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Anarkali Of Aarah – Here’s All You Need To Know About This Upcoming Bollywood Movie

Written by Mansi Gupta

“Tanu Weds Manu” fame Swara Bhaskar returns to celluloid in and as Anarkali of Aarah! Directed by Avinash Das, the film revolves around an erotic singer, Anarkali (played by Swara) from Aarah in Bihar, who sings double meaning songs. The film, which has already been through its share of controversies, is now ready to hit the theatres this Friday!

Before it gets unveiled on the big screen this weekend, here’s everything you need to know about Anarkali of Aarah.

1. Anarkali of Aarah is the story of an erotic singer, Anarkali, from Aarah, Bihar. She is the most talented singer of her troupe who has always believed that one day she will make it big. She is famous for singing double meaning lewd songs and is very unapologetic about it. She is confident of her success until one day she has a confrontation with a very powerful man of the region who molested her. Thereafter her life takes a twist. How she fights the misogynist beliefs of the society which consider women like her as mere objects forms the crux of the film. The film also stars Sanjay Mishra and Pankaj Tripathi in important roles.

2. The film got embroiled in a controversy with Veer Kunwar Singh University (VKSU) of Bhojpur. Apparently the film has an item number which has been shot as being part of the silver jubilee functions of this university in the film. This enraged the university chancellor and the demand to cut this item number was raised. Whether the item number is still a part of the film is not yet clear.

3. Just last week on Tuesday, some of the sex scenes of the film got leaked online. The filmmakers are accusing the CBFC for this fiasco as the those are the scenes which the censor board has asked the makers to cut from the film.

Source – Deccan Chronicle

4. Many big names from Bollywood like Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush have come up in support and promotion of the movie. The first poster of the film was released by Karan himself on his twitter page.

Amidst all the controversies surrounding it, the movie is finally ready to release this Friday. Swara Bhaskar has done remarkably good work in films like Ranhjhana and Tanu Weds Manu. With Anarkali of Arah, the talented actress is pushing her limits while challenging the stereotypical boundaries like never before.

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