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Best Bollywood Super-Heroes of All Time


Since the beginning of our film industry, there have been many attempts by our directors to make films that are on par with the Hollywood standards. We look up to there cinema as a more superior one and that is the issue that sometimes, the originality of our movies is scarcely found, specifically in the super-hero genre.

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The super-hero movies, however, have evolved a lot in Bollywood since the first big attempts from our industry like Mr. India and Shiva ka Insaaf. With the new introduction of CGI and special effects, the film making process has completely changed all around the world. When the audiences first saw a 3D movie like Chota Chetan, they were in awe of the new world they just experienced and that opened the door for film-makers to take a gamble at the more special effects-driven cinema. 

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If we think about the Indian superheroes, the first name that comes up in our mind is none other than Krrish, which is considered to be our most successful super-hero franchise till date. The best part about the movie is that it does not try to be a rip off of any Hollywood super-hero and rather it brings its own Indian flavor to the genre and surprises us with the blend of Indian values with a larger than life action. The history of Indian cinema shows that audiences have always been attracted to the story more than the special effects, that is the reason that Ra.One which was the most expensive film of its time didn’t do so well but Mr. India, which did not really have any big special effects sequences did wonders with the audience. 

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Many failed attempts have been made by film-makers till now to make a franchise of their own like Drona, Flying Jatt, Bhavesh Joshi superhero and many more but they all did not work because they were not as true to the content as Krrish or Mr. India or for that matter, Shiva ka Insaaf which was also a hit back then. The lesson we all learn from this is that it is better to be creative and make new substances that are more likable by the Bollywood audience rather than copying Hollywood blindly.


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