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Best Bollywood Movies on School Life You Should Watch

Written by Stacey Prince

School time for most of us has been incredibly wonderful. Just thinking about it brings back a tonne of happy memories that you cherish till date. Bollywood has produced quite a few great movies based on school life and they have done very well at the box-office. Most school life movies have a special place in our hearts for the nostalgia that they bring with them. They hit you right in the feels, they do. And, if you are in a mood to watch some bollywood movies on school life, then let us help you out!

Here are a few of the amazing movies that you should definitely watch.

Stanley Ka Dabba

An Amole Gupte film, this is one of those films that would leave a smile on your face after the film’s over. The film is about a boy named Stanley and his life which his school-friends and teachers know nothing of. How Stanley goes through his daily school-life is what the film deals with. Watch the film for a brilliant performance by Partho Gupte who also happens to be Amole’s son.

Student of the Year

One of the most-awaited film of the year 2012, this film introduced 3 fresh faces to the audience. A super-hit, the film is about a bunch of school-friends and how their relationship dynamic changes and how it affects their friendship. When you think of Bollywood movies on school life, this Karan Johar movie will definitely be in the top 10 movies list.

Taare Zameen Par

A ground-breaking movie that spoke about the issue of dyslexia, this Aamir Khan film is a must-watch for many reasons. A good script, amazing direction, mind-blowing performances and so many factors made Taare Zameen Par one of the best-films of the year 2007. Darsheel Safary, the child-actor who plays the role of Ishaan Awasthi was considered the star of the film and he rightly deserved to be called just that.

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