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Pakistani actor Fawad Khan
Written by Mansi Gupta

The Indian motion Pictures Producers association passed a motion asking all the Pakistani actors and the technicians to leave the Indian soils within 48 hours. Pakistan ban has left many Indian producers and actors distraught, anguished and disappointed as this has caused gigantic friction between the governing body and the actors-Directors guild. So to speak, Salman Khan stands very clear on the ideals that cultural bans would not yield any results as Pakistani actors are on a legal visa and their channels are quite clear of any immoral or unscrupulous behavior and activities.

Nana Patekar walks tall, stands firmly and is equivocal about the motion being passed by IMPPA. He says that no one comes before the nation. He himself is a veteran and served in Indian army for two and a half years affirms the resolution. The attacks at Uri and Baramulla have left 18 soldiers dead. Nana Patekar quoted saying, “we are very insignificant and of no value, our views should not be even accounted for”. What matters is, those unsung jawans and their families, whose heroic deeds, is all that matters. We are very trivial in front of them.

MNS chief, Raj Thackeray back lashed Salman Khan and threatened adamantly all the Pakistani actors to leave ASAP. They clearly stated that they won’t allow movies of Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar flicks Raees and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil respectively; to release as they have casted Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan in them.

Mita Vashisht came with a beautiful sane solution of making IMPAA work methodically. She expressed her solidarity just like Radhika Apte. She grieved about the loss and asked to do some surgical work for the soldiers’ families. Instead of ousting Pakistani Actors she remarked, IMPAA should contribute constructively in arranging funds and provide bountiful to the mourning families.

Pankaj Nihalani, of Central Bureau of Film Certification, stated that IMPAA doesn’t have any right to ban any of these actors as Producers from IMPAA fraternity have nothing to lose. The major sufferers are Ritesh Sidhwani and Karan Johar, whose movies are on the brink of being released.

Many actors and directors have expressed for the resolution and have backed IMPAA’s actions. Some political parties have ridden on IMPAA’s back and boiling their own broth along. Whereas few actors feel that art and politics can never be mixed. The concoction of; for and against views has left a bad aftertaste with many people in the film fraternity.

What is in fact more worry some is Pakistani actors haven’t admonished the grave act by Pakistan. Well everyone understands, they can’t stand and growls in Lions cage…after all they get to eat and earn their livelihood from here. The act of choosing SILENCE is the best act anyone can put up…well, till the peace prevails, they are off Indian shores.

Summary: The Pakistani actors have been shown doors on a temporary basis, till peace prevails. IMPAA and MNS have spoken fervently and backlashed everybody who supports art above the country. India being so multi-dimensional, where all cultures and their arts co-exist. ..Well real firmness is needed for today and strutting, and whining yelp will only show our cowardly resolve…India is in no moods to do that.

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