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I Can’t See Beyond My Daughter Misha – Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor
Written by Heer Pamnani

Shahid Kapoor chose to settle down through an arranged marriage, unlike many of his contemporaries, yet is proud of his decision. Within a year of his marriage with Mira Kapoor, their adorable daughter Misha was born.

Today the actor reiterates he is in awe of his loving daughter. He says:

“I can’t see beyond my daughter and I think my wife is slightly jealous. I keep teasing her that it’s karma, everything is coming full circle because that’s exactly how it is in her house. My mother-in- law keeps telling me how Mira is her daddy’s girl and she is the third spoke in the wheel. She is the apple of her dad’s eye; just the way Misha is mine. So, my wife has to live with it.”

As parents, Shahid and Mira are setting a great example with their choices for Mira. They’re consciously keeping her away from the limelight, having recently declined an ad offer for their daughter. They wish to bring her up as normally as any other average child.

Shahid also spoke about his real-life queen Mira Kapoor:

“Taking charge without being in your face is Mira’s natural personality. When I met Mira for the first time, one of the things that struck me about her is that she has a certain aura. She is individualistic and holds her own. When we had get-togethers and met huge stars from the fraternity, neither did she get intimidated nor was she awkward. Even at our wedding reception, there were so many big people. Just the way she conducted herself made me proud. She is so self-assured and graceful. She is humble yet confident. When I entered the industry, it took me years to get used to the ‘surroundings. But Mira was different from the start.”

Well we can second that, Mira Kapoor certainly has a good personality, and the confidence to make her own choices.

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