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Commando 2 Review: Demonetization Cracked By Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal Commando 2 review
Written by Archit Chawla

Commando 2 is an action-packed, hard-hitting take on the recent Demonetization and a sequel to Commando movie which stars Vidyut Jamwal. Everyone knows he has a very different kind of fan following. He was first seen in Force movie opposite John Abraham and since then he has become quite famous within the community of decently-built young men and women. This actor has improved a lot since then and is very comfortable doing all the death-defying stunts and action scenes all by himself, without any stunt doubles. He’s got this macho physique and is trying to create a niche market for himself in the industry as an action hero by under promising and over delivering in every movie he stars in.

With Demonetization coming into the picture of the Indian Economy, some were indeed happy and very few who turned the situation in their favor. It shook the Indians to such an extent that there was nothing in the market apart from the hot topic of banned old currency. Swiss Bank account holders, suicides and stashed black money starts the movie, giving you a small glimpse of what the story is all about. You sit for ten minutes and you’re already in the adrenaline pumping journey with Vidyut’s killer skills and macho actions.

The main story of the film revolves around a black money launderer, Vicky Chaddha, who has an account of all the black money gone out of India. He can probably solve all the economic troubles of our country if the money is brought back to the country. After being arrested in Malaysia, the Indian Government sends a team of four agile police officers- Vidyut Jamwal as Captain Karanvir Singh, Sumit Gulati as hacker Zafar, Freddy Daruwala as ACP Bakhtawar, and Adah Sharma as encounter specialist Bhavna, to get him back safely to the country. This plot is followed by a series of action sequences, a lot of plot twists, dead bodies and run and chase scenes.

Also at the same time, the director seems to be a diehard fan of Mission Impossible and American superhero films as many of the scenes seem to reflect those films. He tries to develop intrigue amongst the audience, but it fails terribly at times. The out of the place songs didn’t disturb the storyline like the previous film of the same franchise, and the Hare Krishna song, a remake from Bhool Bhulaiya, which starred Akshay Kumar, comes at the post-credit point. It’s a good Bollywood action movie and Vidyut Jamwal has done a superb job once again, along with Esha Gupta who is there for some parts. Watch it for a new take on demonetization, thrilling action, and cat and mouse chase scenes between cops and criminals.

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