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Dear Zindagi Is All About Having A Perfect Life

Dear Zindagi Review
Written by Nikita Mehta

As children when we were sad our elders told us not to cry,
When we were angry, they told us to “give a smile”,
Just to keep peace at home…
When we wanted to hate, we weren’t allowed to,
So now when we want to love,
We suddenly realize that our entire emotional mechanism has gone for a toss,
It somehow has lost its functioning capabilities,
Sadness, anger or hate, we weren’t allowed to express any of it openly,
So now, how do we express love?
How exactly can a dented soul manage such a herculean task?
“Just go to hell, oh heart!”

That says it all; exactly what Dear Zindagi is all about.

Yes, Dear Zindagi is all how a battered yet sensitive heart sails through in a world that expects too much, too often. After an acclaimed directorial debut with ‘English Vinglish’, Gauri Shinde next was awaited with bated breath. The teasers of ‘Dear Zindagi’ clearly prove that she’s not disappointed, anyone! Having generated plenty of buzz right since the casting to the teaser releases, the second in line for the talented director only seems to be riding a positive wave.

In the movie, two relatable and surprisingly real characters come together – a life coach and a troubled human. Kaira, a budding cinematographer seems to have had enough and is in search of a perfect life. Jug, an unconventional thinker and a life-coach, help her get a fresh new perspective.

In a world that is so guarded and fearful, the film is all about accepting and loving the rawness within. Imperfections are truly beautiful and they make you what you are; sounds easy to say but is oh-so-difficult to live with. This movie is a step towards that acceptance. It is about letting go what is not in your control, venting out the pent-up emotions, it’s about feeling normal about hating a particular thing and feeling upbeat about being able to feel an emotion as powerful as love. It is, if nothing else, a film that teaches you to be as real as you can get, especially in a world that expects you to be otherwise.

With the inescapable charms of the Shah Rukh Khan and the naturally zesty nature of Alia Bhatt being the two pillars that hold the film up, Dear Zindagi is about playing the game of life by your own rules. With tickets to this much-awaited Bollywood movie now available on our website, it’s time to get out of the cocoon and live life just the way you’d like!

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