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The Evolution of Bollywood Movie Songs

Bollywood has its own idiosyncratic kind of music and in the years of his existence, the music has only evolved with the tech and movies. Now Bollywood stands at a position where the entire country will woot for their genre of music. With time, our sense of music has changed, for good.

30s to 50s

A very initial stage of the industry, this is the time of live recordings and no mashups. There were the likes of K L Saigal’s who would go for a slow tempo with literally no beats and then there were the jazzy numbers from musicians like Shankar Jaikishen and O P Nayyar. In this mix, raag based songs by names like Naushad and Madan Mohan were also a different genre altogether.


This is the time when the genre “Bollywood” was actually established, with elaborate dance numbers, iconic steps, and dream sequences. While the Burmans stood as the flag-bearer of the crossover sounds, composers like Khayyam became the kings of romance and exquisite mujras. In the 80s, the hippie sort of a music was introduced leaving the likes of Michael Jackson impressed. Afterward came musicians like Anu Malik who actually commercialised the melody and not to forget, AR Rahman who introduced the world to the music of the unknown, leaving the entire industry amazed.


The last two decades have been all about experiments and remixes. The melodies have taken a back seat and Rap & peppy numbers have gained maximum popularity. However, like the good old melodies, the songs here do not resonate for a long time and are prone to the out-of-sight-out-of-mind phenomenon.

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