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Interesting Facts About Gullyboy That You Probably Never heard of Before

Written by Stacey Prince

The movie everyone has been talking about for the past few days now is Gully Boy. The film starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead has changed the way everyone looks at hip-hop and the rap scene in our country. Directed by Zoya Akhtar, Gully Boy will definitely be on the list of top Bollywood movies of 2019. With so much buzz around the film wouldn’t it be nice to know more interesting Gully Boy movie facts? Let’s give you some really interesting ones:

Based on the life of Divine and Naezy

Mumbai’s underground rap-scene got a voice thanks to the movie Gully Boy. The film was based on the life of some of the street rappers from Mumbai namely Naezy and Divine. Divine whose real name is Vivian Fernandes became famous after a 2013 home-made video for Yeh Mera Bombay went viral. His introduction to rapping was when he saw his friend wear a T-shirt with a pic of 50 cent. His intriguing nature lead him to discover a whole new world – the world of hip hop.

The other rapper on whose life this film is loosely based is Naezy whose real name is Naved Sheikh. He became super popular when his son Aafat became viral. This Kurla lad shot this video with his iPad at the age of 22. Naezy has since then become a popular name in our country.

Zoya Akhtar – Ranveer Singh’s second collaboration

Zoya Akhtar is a brilliant director and her work is proof of that. When news of Ranveer Singh and Zoya Akhtar working together became news, we knew something big was coming our way. The two however have worked with each other prior to Gully Boy. Their first movie together was the blockbuster movie Dil Dhadakne Do.

This director-actor collaboration seems super successful and we wonder what more they have in store for filmy fans.

Alia Bhatt – Ranveer Singh’s First Collaboration

Gully Boy reviews have unanimously mentioned how brilliant both Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh are in the film. A Gully Boy movie fact is that it’s the first time both the actors did a film together. From the looks of it now, we may see more movies with them together soon.

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