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Hindi Medium Actress Saba Qamar Talks About Humiliating Experience At Tbilisi Airport

Saba Qamar
Written by Varsha Pillai
Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, who debuted in the Bollywood movie Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan recounts in an interview about how she was singled out at an international airport because of her passport.

On an interview on the talk show ‘Ek Nayi Subah with Farah’ aired in A-Plus TV, Saba was in tears while she narrated the ordeal she had to go through.

Saba, along with the crew for a film she was shooting, were travelling to Georgia. At Tbilisi airport, Saba was detained because of her nationality. The video for the interview has gone viral on YouTube. She was quoted to say:

“The way we are checked; I feel so humiliated. I remember when I visited Tbilisi for a film shoot, the entire crew was allowed to go through except for me, because I carry a Pakistani passport.” – Saba Qamar

She added that she was interrogated and interviewed and only then was she allowed to leave the airport. She said “That day I realized my position. Where do we stand?”

She goes on to comment about the tainted image her homeland has globally. She also talked about the brutal murder of 7-year old Zainab and how it has affected her as a Pakistani woman. You can watch the interview below.

Saba is one of the most popular and highest paid actresses in the Pakistani television and film industry. She became popular in India with the telecast of the Pakistani television show Maat. She has also been in other shows like Jinnah Ke Naam, Thakan and Main Aurat Hoon.

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