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Jab We Met Completes 10 Years And Its Nostalgic As Hell!

Written by Archit Chawla

Much celebrated and trendsetting movie of 2007, Jab We Met completes 10 years today and we just can’t stop thinking about it. The movie starred the couple of that time- Kareena and Shahid Kapoor who were in love in real life and in the movie too. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, this movie is still fresh in the mind of audiences because of these two lead characters Geet Dhillon and Aditya Kashyap. The movie ends at Mauja Hi Mauja where the couple was dancing and were dreaming about a fresh and a happy afterlife. But all stories which ends well, doesn’t stay well for ever.

Jab We Met- Bookmyshow News

If we go to look at the characters of Jab We Met now, Geet has always been a character who was impulsive, outgoing and free spirited. Where as Aditya is one guy who is conservative, cares about the consequences and is willing to compromise for her happiness. But what has the couple been up to in all these years? Has their journey remained as breezy as their union or have there been bumps along the way owing to their diametrically opposite natures? May be now, 10 years down the line after they have had a successful life together, things might start falling apart.

Jab We Met- Bookmyshow News

Geet can become a lot to bear in the coming times before Aditya breaks off and re thinks about his decision which he took at the end of teh movie. Though this is just one possibility which can happen, but even Imtiaz Ali agreed to in one of his recent interview. He said- “I have been asked many times to consider making a sequel to Jab We Met, but I don’t want to because I don’t want Geet to compromise. There will be a conflict between the two and I don’t want Geet to go through that. I want her to retain original nature, her purity. Well whatever be the case, we surely want to see a rom-com of that calibre, able to make us feel emotions in a pure way and an entertainer to make us grab our seats throughout the movie. We also hope that we get to see the amazing pair of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor working together and sizzle up the screen with their unmatched chemistry and acting.

Jab We Met- Bookmyshow News

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