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Jagga Jasoos – A Whimsical Musical Is On Its Way

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Written by Sanjana Sule

The movie preview of Jagga Jasoos is out at last and if we had to pick just one word to describe it, it would be whimsical. The trailer has a very fantastical dream-like quality to it, a rarity when it comes to Hindi movie previews. But we’ll get to the trailer in a minute. First, let’s dwell on the controversy this movie finds itself surrounded with. Jagga Jasoos is directed by Anurag Basu, whose last commercial outing was the critically acclaimed Barfi, which also happened to star Ranbir Kapoor. This film which was originally slated for a November 2015 release, has now got pushed back to April 2017. The reasons for the delay are a couple, with the primary being the tiff between the lead pair Ranbir and Katrina. Their break-up and occasional outbursts that followed on sets deemed highly inconvenient for the film’s shooting schedule. Furthermore, director Anurag Basu wasn’t happy with some of the earlier scenes shot by actor Ranbir, prompting a reshoot of that sequence. But all the upheavals aside, it looks like the Bollywood movie is finally out of the woods.

The movie preview of Jagga Jasoos is probably one of the unique trailers to hit our screens this year. The trailer has an outlandish vibe to it and takes you on a magical journey. Bordering on absurdist cinema, the movie has some breathtaking shots. The trailer begins with split-screen images of Ranbir Kapoor indulging in some A cappella. From there on it’s a musical ride. Keeping with the unusual tone, the trailer takes you through various movie montages with nothing but the background music, minus any form of dialogue. Save at the very end when a single line is uttered by Ranbir Kapoor. This brilliant and genius handling of the trailer is already garnering appreciation.

So far all that’s known of the movie is that Ranbir Kapoor plays a detective out on a mission to look for his missing father. As to what role Katrina Kaif plays in the movie and how she fits the narrative is yet unknown. The movie is set to be a musical, with Ranbir singing many of the dialogues rather than saying them.

If the movie promises to be even half as whimsical, crazy and absurd as the trailer is, we’re definitely excited! So far Anurag Basu hasn’t disappointed us with his movies, and it doesn’t look like he’s about to break that pattern.

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