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Jia Aur Jia Appears to Be a Slice-Of-Life Film About Two Women On a Road Trip

Jia Aur Jia
Written by Poorva Tamhane

Jia Aur Jia is an upcoming Bollywood drama that’s centred around a road trip that two starkly different women go on and tells the story of their life changing journey. The movie has been directed by Howard Rosemeyer, who’s known for his work on Parineeta, Chalte Chalte, Partner and other popular Hindi movies but makes his directorial debut with Jia Aur Jia. Richa Chaddha and Kalki Kochelin play the lead characters in the movie.

In the trailer, we are introduced to Jia, Richa Chaddha’s character who’s an uptight banker who meets the other Jia played by Kalki Kochelin, who’s more of a happy go lucky/bohemian kind of a person. Kalki’s character steals food, shoplifts and even tries to wash off Richa’s character’s face with Vodka, all of which she finds amusing. They are seen embarking on a road trip and both the characters seem to slowly lose their inhibitions and they soon become close friends. The tonality of the trailer changes from being that of an awkward meeting of strangers to that of two friends having some fun together on a road trip.

Richa Chadda and Kalki Koechlin

The two are seen sharing hotel rooms, trailers, some crazy travel memories and eventually their deepest secrets. We also see them encountering a guy on the trip who willingly joins them. The film is shot extensively in Sweden and the locales are beautiful to say the least. The trailer shows us a very relatable side of two women out to have some fun, on a journey of self-discovery which also reminds us of Kangana Renaut’s character in Queen.
The music for the film has two reprised songs, one called Nach Basanti and the other Jia Ho Jia Kuch Bol Do from the 1961 film Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai which is a classic Mohammed Rafi song. Actress Kalki Koechlin says that she practised a lot for the song Nach Basanti as she didn’t know to dance and had to learn how to do all the moves just right.

Jia Aur Jia is produced by Mirza N Askari and is being distributed by Blue Fox Motion Pictures Ltd. The movie is set to hit cinemas on the 27th of October.

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