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Pari Screamer 6: Six Screamers, countless goose bumps.

Pari Movie Screamer
Written by Varsha Pillai

With just two days to go for the release of Anushka Sharma’s horror flick, Pari, the makers dropped a sixth Screamer last evening, scaring the living daylight out of us.

More than a month ago, Anushka Sharma took the social media by storm when she posted the first look of the supernatural thriller, Pari. A close up of her freckled face turning to a bruised and battered one was enough to send chills down our spines.

Hence started a string of Screamers that the filmmakers surprisingly dropped on us leaving us breathless but also wanting for more. The screamers have intrigued the fans and readied them for a scare-fest this Holi. Pari seems to have grown on us, eerily.

Dominated by a creepy background score, flickering lights and close-up shots of a haunting Anushka in the end, these videos have left us shrieking and screaming. Before you finally meet her, take a look at these 6 Pari Screamers.

Screamer 1:

Haunting eyes, the cold blue shade of doom and just one bruised face were enough to leave everyone in shivers and be curious about the film. Anushka posted the teaser in January, asking the audience to stay tuned for more.


Screamer 2:

Anushka Sharma peacefully watching the cartoon, nothing scary about that, right? Well, Beware! After the first few seconds, the camera pans over her handcuffed wrists, bloodied, chained legs and nails growing at an alarming rate.


Screamer 3:

The makers dropped this one on Valentine’s Day. This screamer has Anushka Sharma say the three golden word in the creepiest yet petrifying way possible.

Screamer 4:

You would never look at your balconies in the same way once you watch this one. The video begins with a back shot of Anushka squatted on top of a balcony railing. And when you least expect it, she turns to look straight at you. A way of the makers telling us, Pari is waiting.

Screamer 5:

Something scary always has to be in the night, doesn’t it? We follow Anushka to a forest until she stops by a lake to look at her reflection. It turns out to be a gashed bloodied face of Anushka among much dead fish rising to the surface of the lake.

Screamer 6:

Only when fans were beginning to feel that Anushka was done with scaring us, a sixth screamer was posted on the 27th of February, three days prior to the film. The shot opens in a morgue and the flickering lights are back. A loud thud, a corpse falling out of a box and then you spot her. Anushka lurking on top of the storage.

Dear Pari, I think you have scared us enough and we are hoping this is the last Screamer.

Pari is Anushka’s third home production Venture. The supernatural horror flick is directed by debutant Prosit Roy and also stars Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhari Chakraborty. Are you ready to meet Pari on March 2nd?

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