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Parineeti Chopra’s Schedule Packed With Shoots Of Two Upcoming Films, Kesari and Namsatey England

Parineeti Chopra
Written by Heer Pamnani

Parineeti Chopra featured in a few films and faced a brief lull period in her career, during which she exuded great patience. She put her time to good use by losing excess weight that made her feel unfit earlier. She’s now fit and healthy to meet the demanding requirements of a leading woman.

No doubt one of the brightest young actors we have, Parineeti is finally getting her due as she is cast in a huge production titled Kesari opposite leading star Akshay Kumar. A historic war film based on the Battle of Saragarhi , a first war genre film for the actress. She adds:

“It has been a dream to work with Akshay for a long time. He is a Punjabi and so am I and we are doing a Punjabi film together. I am very excited to start the shoot.”

Interestingly, she’s also a part of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Namsatey London’ franchise, presented with a new title ‘Namsatey England’ which will see her in a quintessential romantic love story with Arjun Kapoor.

As Parineeti will be juggling shoots between the two films simultaneously, she says:

“I have to do it simultaneously as, unfortunately, the dates are planned like that. So I will be shooting in Amritsar (for Kesari) and in London (for Namastey England).”

Kesari will have a worldwide Holi release in 2019 and is touted to be one of the biggest productions by Dharma Productions while Namastey England will also release next year, bringing back the heart-warming love tale of a cross-cultural couple.

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