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Raveena Tandon Makes A Strong Comeback With Maatr

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Written by Mansi Gupta

A rape and revenge drama, Maatr is a thriller in which Raveena Tandon plays a mother out on a killing spree to get justice for her daughter. The actress couldn’t have asked for a better comeback film. No doubt we have seen so many films on this theme, but what separates Maatr from others is how it approaches rape without trivializing the subject. However, the film lacks in storytelling and dialogues. The film reminds us of Kalpana Lajmi’s Daman where Raveena was a timid victim of domestic violence. This performance even fetched her a National Award. In Maatr, this timid and helpless victim is replaced by a revengeful mother. No matter how poorly the film is directed and told on screen, Raveena gives the role her best shot.

Maatr is the story of a conscientious school teacher, Vidya Chauhan, who is a mother as well. She loves her daughter, Tia (Alisha Khan), but is not on cordial terms with her husband. While she is dealing with her strenuous relationship with her husband, she and her daughter are brutally gang-raped by seven men on a dark, lonely stretch on the outskirts of what looks like Gurgaon. Vidya survives the trauma, but her daughter succumbs to her injuries. Hell-bent on getting justice for her daughter and herself, Vidya tries her best to put the rapist behind bars, but the law and police fail her. After being let down by everybody; the law, the police, and even her husband, who now wants to divorce her, Vidya decides to take the law in her own hands and dispense her brand of justice. And from here starts Vidya’s bloody score-settling violence.

For those who have a weak heart, Maatr may seem very crass, cringe-worthy and extremely violent. Raveena as a revengeful mother is the hero of the film. But even her flawless acting and charisma on screen doesn’t help the film failing at the box office. Her half-baked character could have been more properly developed. The intention of the film is sincere but the execution is very poor. When it comes to screenplay, direction and dialogues, the film loses the game at the box office. Even Raveena’s power-packed performance could not change the fate of this film.

The only motivation to watch Maatr is Raveena Tandon. If you are a fan of this 90s heroine, then you are in for a treat.

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