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Rohit Shetty Upcoming Film Simmba, and why he Wouldn’t Ever Make a Small Budget Film!

Ranveer Singh Upcoming Movie Simba
Written by Heer Pamnani

Rohit Shetty’s brand of cinema is ‘larger than life’ almost synonymous to a celebration on screen, hence to maintain his brand equity, he claims he would never direct a small budget film, as that would be mean cheating on his loyal audience.

Unless a good story comes along, he would be open to producing the film; however, the maker is very clear to keep his style of cinema consistent among the masses. Grateful to the common people, who spend 10% of their incomes to watch a ‘Rohit Shetty Film’, his luxurious lifestyle is lived, thanks to their constant love and support.

Rohit Shetty

Talking about his collaboration with Ranveer Singh in his upcoming action-comedy film ‘Simmba’, Rohit revealed they have once worked on an ad commercial which gave birth to the idea of a feature film.

Simmba is a colorful policeman with unique quirks, which resonates well with Ranveer Singh’s real persona. He has the beautiful Sara Ali Khan paired opposite him. The writing is tailored to accommodate Ranveer Singh’s fun personality.

Sara Ali Khan

Rohit Shetty’s production house, ‘Rohit Shetty Picturez’ has recently collaborated with Reliance Animation to launch his Singham Franchise as a cartoon series titled ‘Little Singham’ on Discovery Kids.

The character was never intended to appeal to kids, yet it did, through the brilliantly written dialogues, good character and inimitable action and dance sequences. The character is being adapted as a TV cartoon to cater to kids aged between 5 to 11 years. His qualities of being honest, active and helpful will be retained to send out positive messages to the targeted age group.

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