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Running Shaadi Review: A City Tale About Couples Eloping

Running Shaadi Review
Written by Archit Chawla

A tale of a couple eloping in a city is quite unusual to the city life. Writer Navjot Gulati and Director Amit Roy have penned a tight little romcom set in Punjab. Running Shaadi, latest Bollywood movie is just not about eloping. It is about the fair form of relationship that the leading pair develops and is commendable to watch. The movie released with the latest Hollywood movie John Wick 2 and Silence and is getting a good response from all over. This movie and Tapsee Pannu’s performance here is surely going to be the next big thing in Bollywood and that is for sure. Her power-packed performance opposite Amit Sadh have done a fairly decent job in breaking the stereotypes and winning the hearts of the audiences.

Running Shaadi, initially named, is an one of a kind story of two boys Ram Bharose played by Amit Sadh, along with his friend Cyberjeet played by Arsh Bajwa who come up with a website to help couples flee and get married. then comes up with Running Shaadi.Tapsee Pannu has portrayed a very tricky, complicated character Nimmi. She is Bharose’s ex-employers daughter and the kind of girl who is bubbly, outspoken and smart all at the same time. She knows how to con and she did the same just before the interval.

Amit Sadh playing the character of the ambitious and resourceful Ram Bharose has given his best performance of his career as the lead. Amit gets to showcase his full range of emotions in this latest hindi movie and he never, ever faltered. He is so good and hopefully, he gets noticed in Running Shaadi for all his worth. Talent like this in Bollywood often gets lost behind the nepotism and the Khan glamour and is waiting for opportunities and chances to explore their full potential.

Until the first half, the film convinces you about their preposterous business concept. But it’s in the second half that the film takes off and how taking you along for a wonderful joyride. The twists and the plot are entertaining and the comedy is just relevant. There’s always a chuckle around when you feel a lil low in the story. The characters are believable and face realistic dilemmas in their lives unlike the other big budget and starcast movies. The background score of the movie is good and goes smoothly with the scenes. Decent importance is given to locations as well and songs are filmed picturesquely. Watch out this Running Shaadi if you want to enjoy a light-hearted romantic movie with Tapsee and Amit nailing it.

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