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When The Script Came Along, I Knew I Had To Do It – Kangana Ranaut On Mental Hai Kya

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Written by Heer Pamnani

The millennial generations of actors openly speak of their problems in the media. It is refreshing to see how similar they are to any of us. Kangana Ranaut in particular, has clarified a huge controversy surrounding her alleged affair with a superstar, rather candidly.

The makers of ‘Mental Hai Kya’ have intelligently utilized the quirks of their lead actors, Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut and molded a great poster campaign. All 3 looks are different and as mad as can be.

Speaking of her new venture, Kangana says:

“The way my life unfolded in the past few years, I realized there was so much stigma attached to being different. ‘Mental’ or ‘psycho’ were the terms used to shame me, but these can’t be used casually as swear words. When this script came along, I knew I had to do it to break the stigma around it. High time we made individuality aspirational.”

The subject is being treated sensitively, Kangana adds:

“We won’t show people as pitiable, sympathy seeking characters. We’ll portray the issue with sensitivity. The film takes a stand against equating individuality with madness.”

Interestingly, Ekta Kapoor has worked with both her leads in separate film productions. And ‘Queen’ is proof of their hit pair.

With each member enjoying a distinct personality, would the shoot progress smoothly, Kangana concludes:

“We are like-minded people who know it’s not going to hunky-dory. I am not a sulkpot. That’s how Raj and I have come this far in life. Strong opinions don’t mean either of us is going to act like we know it all.”
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