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Secret Superstar Tells the Story of a Young Girl with Big Dreams & Stars Aamir Khan in an Extended Cameo

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Written by Poorva Tamhane
Secret Superstar is an upcoming Hindi movie that’s a musical drama film of sorts produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. The movie stars actors Aamir Khan, Zahira Wasim and Meher Vij in lead roles and tells the story of a child aspiring to become a musician. The movie has been directed by Aamir Khan’s former manager of almost five years, Advait Chauan. He will be making his directorial debut as well.

According to director Advait Chauan Secret Superstar has been like a dream come true which is why he says he has enjoyed the shooting process. Though Aamir Khan appears in an extended cameo in the movie his character Shakti Kumaarr is not one that can be easily forgotten. He plays a flirtatious music director wearing tight flashy t-shirts and sporting blonde highlights. He is sure to remind audiences of the days when he played more rugged characters like the one’s in Mela, Rangeela and Ghulam.

Aamir Khan Secret Superstar

Source – Hindustan Times

Secret Superstar has 16-year-old Zahira Wasim of Dangal fame playing the lead role of Insia, a young school going Muslim girl who aspires to be a singer. We see in the trailer that her father does not approve of her singing and even goes to the extent of cutting the strings of her guitar indicating his displeasure.

Insia is fed up of the drama at home and asks her mother why she doesn’t leave her husband who seems to turn to anger at every little transgression. Insia resorts to using a veil to mask her identity while making videos of her singing that she uploads on the public video streaming website YouTube. Her video goes viral and she becomes a sensation overnight with people wondering who the veiled girl really is. She chances upon music director Shakti Kumaarr (Aamir Khan) who is past his prime and tells her to enrol in a singing competition where he is also on a panel of judges. We are left wondering if she will win the completion as well as win the approval of her father.

Secret Superstar is set to hit theatres on October 19th, watch it to find out what happens to the young girl who sets out to follow her dream of being a singing under the guise of anonymity.

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