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Shoojit Sircar Performs Every Scene for His Actors Before The Final Take

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Written by Heer Pamnani

Shoojit Sircar’s films are an extension of his personality, personal experiences and traits. Tracing his significant work in Vicky Donor, Piku, Pink, and now October, he has strongly put forward his opinion on rising cases of molestation and rape, on medical chronic condition of constipation, a comatose state in October and a person who makes a livelihood by donating sperm.

In case of his recent heartfelt October, he based the story around writer, Juhi Chaturvedi’s personal hospital experience, when she tended to her mother for several years before she received life-support from a ventilator, and lost a dear friend to a medical condition. Juhi’s caring nature has been encapsulated in the narrative.

Similarly, Sircar lost both his parents in the same year of 2004, his dad battled cancer for six years and his mother was in a comatose state for 3.5 months, he would communicate with his mother without knowing if she was able to listen and decipher. The same scenarios have been used in October. Shoojit has tried to show the endless wait on the other side of the ICU, highlighting the ordeals of the relatives as well.

As for the patient Shuili (Banita Sandhu) in the film, he has kept her performance far from melodrama; her health improvement and death are shown in the most subtle way as possible. Sircar has played out randomness of a hospital visit; the patience required to treat an ailing person and built an unusual love story from the several lovely interactions.

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