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Sunidhi Chauhan to Refrain From Singing Item Numbers

sunidhi chauhan and hitesh sonik
Written by Heer Pamnani

A gifted vocalist who’s sung some of the most popular tracks in Bollywood, Sunidhi Chauhan has some iconic tracks to her credit. However, with songs like Beedi (2006), Sheila ki Jawaani (2010), Dekh Le (2003), Mehboob Mere (2000) she got slotted under the category of vocalists who’s strength belonged in the Item Number genre.

Sunidhi is grateful for these songs, for it provided her with a reputation and recognition in the industry. She’s had a body of work similar to respectable Asha Bhosle ji from the yesteryears.

However, moving on from the past decade, Sunidhi is conscious about the songs she will choose to sing now. They should in no way sound ‘vulgar’ or remotely ‘sexual’ or in any way objectify women. As a woman, she’s taken this stand and is responsible about the quality of her songs.

Some new work came along with ‘Kyon’ from Barfi, where she experimented in unfamiliar territory. Sunidhi is gradually trying to shed her old image and embrace experimental quality singing. She says:

“I try to save myself, and my voice from sounding repetitive. I try to sing different kind of songs to stay versatile in the industry, and so that people know that I don’t sing similar kind of songs.”

Sunidhi is working hard not to be typecast again, seen in popular TV based and Web-based reality shows, Sunidhi is doing well professionally. In her personal life, she welcomed a charming baby boy this year on Jan 1st , and loves to sing to him.

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