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Tubelight: Salman Khan Reprises His Cute On-Screen Image With This One

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Written by Archit Chawla

We have been waiting for quite some time now for this highly anticipated Bollywood movie Tubelight and it was released last Friday. It marks yet another venture by the amazing combination of Kabir Khan and Salman Khan that has given us blockbusters like Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. If you think this movie has anything to do with a literal tubelight, then you really need to start watching Hindi movies. While Kabir Khan has explored themes of patriotism, altruism, and terrorism by getting us out of the withered relationship with our neighbors, Sallu has always kept the entertainment in his movies and given enough reasons to his fans to celebrate his movies and Eid.

In this latest Bollywood release, Salman plays Laxman Singh Bisht, a slow-witted but endearing fellow in the village. He’s a child trapped in a man’s body; naïve enough to cheerily embrace the idea that faith can move mountains – literally. The movie begins with a picturesque shot of Jagatpur and Salman himself narrating his ordeals since childhood; the reason why he is called a Tubelight. With the Sino-India war incumbent, the Indian army visits Jagatpur to enroll young blood to fight on the border. Bharat (Sohail Khan), Laxman and Narayan (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), a conventional orthodox local, all three give the tests. While Bharat gets selected, Laxman and Narayan are rejected.

There are some highly emotional scenes when the brothers separate as Bharat leaves for border patrolling and Salman emoting as his eyes smile but heart weeps will probably melt you. Most of the times, Salman delivers dialogues that are in complete contrast with his fellow beings, tone-wise, but it’s the sensible writing that comes to his rescue every other time. The movie also features Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, the late Om Puri, Brijendra Kala, Yashpal Sharma, and particularly Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub that are all in good form.

Director Kabir Khan has probably devised a lot of ways to make you all cry and introspect at various times in the movie. While talking about the lead actor here, Salman has definitely evolved as an actor and you just can’t help but fall in love with him in this one. Shah Rukh’s cameo as the magician not only ends an alleged story of rivalry but also lights up the screen and you will probably hear someone sitting next to you saying, “Humare Karan Arjun aa gaye”, towards the end of the movie. The setup is undoubtedly good and the movie definitely does not feature Salman as a cop or a goon.

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