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Udta Punjab- The Exposure Is Going To Be Worth the Wait

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Written by Nikita Mehta

Well, if you have even skimmed through the newspapers you will probably know what we are talking about. The controversy around the soon-to-be-released movie Udta Punjab does not seem to end. The censor board Chief Pahlaj Nihalani seems to have lost it completely. Not only have the stars joined in, but the audiences to are slowly coming out to support the cause highlighted in the film. After all, a true story which has unexpectedly resulted in a socio-economic decline does deserve its right share of infamous fame, doesn’t it?

A large part of the youth of Punjab has succumbed to drugs. The number, unfortunately, is increasing each day. This piece of information is common knowledge. There is nothing hidden in this. Then why exactly is all this mess surrounding the film? Is it just a charged film with a true story in the framework right? Is Udta Punjab influenced by real political scenario? Will Udta Punjab release on the scheduled date? Will Punjab be removed from the movie title Udta Punjab? These are the kind of questions that our minds are plagued with after being exposed to the overload of information that our print media gives us a day to day.

Fast forward: as on this hour, we have just received the information that the Bombay High Court has cleared the movie with just one cut. It will thus be safe to dig into a lot more information now, in case you are one of those who likes to go for a film with a little background research in place. The makers of the film have very categorically stated that the neither does the film encourage drugs and nor does it carry any intent which is remotely close.

To think of it, all the negative publicity which has surrounded the film ever since it reached the Central Board of Film Certification seems to have done well. Now, even those who were not too curious about the entire situation have joined in the ‘will watch’ ones. No, the film does not defame Punjab and neither have the creative liberties been abused. It is just another Hindi Movie with a different touch- exactly what the fans of Bollywood look forward to.

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