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Wedding Anniversary Review: An Ordeal Of A Married Couple

Wedding Anniversary Movie
Written by Archit Chawla

Everyone has missed out on a serious movie about relationships in recent times. Though Dear Zindagi starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt was almost a victory at the box office, this time, Director Shekhar Jha has taken up that role. Philosophical stories in books & novels on one side, and watching them on the big screen for solutions to love problems are totally different setups. This Bollywood movie has taken the viewers through some unending conversations that sometimes seem so heavy on the mind that one might want to take a small nap in the middle.

This serious story has two major characters played by one of the best actors of Bollywood- Nana Patekar as Nirbhay and Mahie Gill as Kahani. Goa, the favorite destination of all, holds a special place in Kahani & Nirbhay’s minds and that’s where their love blossomed. This not-so-young couple decides to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Goa and Mahie Gill plans a romantic surprise for her husband. But things take a twist and go haywire with time, isn’t that obvious now as well?

Kahani makes all the preparation for a romantic wedding anniversary celebration, but Nirbhay has to stay back for a meeting in Mumbai. She gets furious which is a given for every woman but Nirbhay is still inconsiderate, where she finds the author of the book Nagarjuna, which she has been reading recently. They both have some nice conversations and the two hit at so many points that Kahani understands that love is about understanding each other first and getting to know various aspects of a relationship.

One of the major problems that proved to be a downer was its heavy dependency on these monologues of the characters. Nagarjuna is talking in most of the parts and Kahani is listening to her which makes it a little hard to go. Nana Patekar knows the art of reciting poetry and making impressions with his dialogues which make him sail in this role. He has tried to be the salvation of this latest Bollywood movie but Mahie Gill, in spite of trying hard, couldn’t fit in the required way. If you’re looking for a serious movie this weekend and want to look out for Nana Patekar himself, it’s definitely a must watch.

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