Dhruva – An Edge-of-the-Seat Action Thriller

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Written by Mansi Gupta

Ram Charan Teja is back in action with Dhruva. The actor looks like his fittest best in the role of a police inspector in this film. Directed by Surender Reddy, Dhruva is visually incredible, be it the actors, cinematography, location or artworks. Everything is impressive about this movie. The movie is an official remake of the Tamil super hit film titled Thani Oruvan and, as promised by the makers, Dhruva kept the essence of the original Tamil film intact with a few minor changes that only adds to the drama.

This new Telugu movie on the block revolves around an honest police office Dhruva, played brilliantly by Ram Charan Teja. He and his friends (who are IPS trainees) are on a mission to nab criminals and eradicate crime from the State. After a slew of incidents involving crime across the state, he comes to know that the brain behind all crimes is Siddharth Abhimanyu, played by Arvind Swami. Siddharth is a scientist by profession and runs a highly organized medical mafia in the city. He is a highly sophisticated criminal and ruthless to the core, and does away with anything that comes in his way. The cat and mouse chase between the two forms the plot of the film.

The movie is dominated by the screen presence of Arvind Swamy. He carries out his role as a stylish villain impeccably. Ram Charan impresses with his acting especially in the scenes that require high emotions. The leading lady of the film, Rakul Preet Singh, also did justice to the role given to her. But it was Arvind Swamy who stole the show. You will find yourself waiting for him to appear on screen through the film. His entry in the film – appearing from the smoke as he walks out of his glass laboratory – is perhaps just the kind of introduction a star hero would love to have in a film.

Another highlight of the movie is its music and background score, composed by Hip Hop Tamizha. The music elevates the experience of the film to the next level. The same can be said for the cinematography by P. S Vinod too. Remakes are always tough to handle, especially remaking a movie that has been highly praised. Director Surender Reddy not only took on this hard task of making a remake of a super hit film but also excels in it.

Dhruva is getting good reviews from the viewers as well the critics. Watch Dhruva for the exceptional performance by Arvind Swamy. You will be entertained thoroughly.

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