Exciting Movies To Watch Out for this New Year

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New Year is round the corner, and so are some of the exciting movies that are slated to hit the theatres this coming year. Cinephiles are surely in for a treat this New Year owing to the diverse genres of film that will make it to the big screen. From crime film King Of Thieves to erotic thriller Serenity to The Upside, which is an adaptation of French film Les Intouchables to name a few, cinemagoers could not have asked for a better start to their New Year. 

To further boost your plans for the coming New Year, we have compiled the following list of upcoming movies to watch out for and plan accordingly.


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Starring Keanu Reeves who plays a scientist hell bent on bringing his deceased family back to life, this sci-fi will keep you on the edge of your seats at every moment as the story unfolds on the screen.

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek 

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This one is for all the suspense lovers out there. The story revolves around an ex cop turned militia man and how he finds himself inquiring about a mass shooting at a police funeral undertaken by the same militia he has joined after retirement and the events that take place following this discovery.

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Starring Anne Hathaway and Mathew Mc Conaughey in lead roles, the movie will appeal to anyone who has an appetite for suspense. The film centres around a wife, who is in an abusive relationship with her husband and how she hatches a plan along with her ex-husband to eliminate her abusive husband.

The Kid Who Would Be King

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 For those of you who are into adventure movies, this film might prove to be a perfect match.  Directed and written by Joe Cornish, this fantasy movie can be best enjoyed with family and is ideal especially for kids. 


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Directed by M Night Shyamalan, Glass has tension and suspense built into it throughout. Touted as the sequel to hits like Split and Unbreakable, be sure to watch this film if you are fascinated by the world woven by Shyamalan in his movies.

Escape Room

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Coming from the creators of the sixth Paranormal Activity and the fourth Insidious, this movie is undoubtedly not for the faint hearted.  The film is a psychological thriller about six friends who come together to find themselves in unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.

 An Acceptable Loss

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This thriller revolves around a security advisor who sanctioned a foreign strike years ago at the behest of her ruthless mentor that led to many civilian casualties and how she comes to terms with this atrocity years after it has happened risking her reputation as well as of others involved in the scandal. 

King of Thieves 

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This crime film is inspired by the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary incident that took place in the UK in 2015. The story is about a group of retired crooks pulling off a major heist in London’s jewellery district. 

The Upside 

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Inspired by real life events, The Upside is a feel good movie about the friendship that develops between a Quadriplegic zillionaire played by Bryan Cranston and his caregiver played by Kevin Hart. This movie has been adapted from the French original Les Intouchables that became a rage in Europe when it was released first.

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