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Frozen II – A sequel to a magical Disney movie.

Written by Prajakta Nagore

Bookmyshow brings Frozen II to the young audience which can be enjoyed with their parents.

For people who may not have seen Frozen I, the story is about the special bond between two sisters, the Princesses, Elsa and Anna, and about Elsa’s magical powers to freeze. The last movie saw Elsa saving her kingdom, the tiny state of Arendelle which she had inherited from her father. 

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In Frozen II, Elsa hears the singing voice which beckons her to a mysterious magical forest which holds a story her father had told her long ago. It was a story of betrayal by the foresters of her grandfather who had tried to make peace with them. A short war followed which involved the forests nature spirits, the four elements, earth, fire, air and water. Elsa decides to follow the voice and explore what it is trying to tell her, hoping that it will help her find the source of her magical powers. Her sister Anna follows her to protect her, joined in by her beau Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, and Olaf, the talking snowman. 

Message from the Movie:

There are quite a few messages in the film for the young and matured audiences as well. While highlighting the love and strong bond between the two sisters, it also brings home the point about each person having their paths to tread and achieve their personal goals. It also talks about doing the next best thing when in a dilemma. The song “The Next right thing” emphasizes the one step at a time approach to decision making. This might become as popular as the song in Frozen I “Let it go”. The movie also showcases the magical powers of the elements, which makes for amazing viewing. Overall, there are messages of family bonds, friendship, love, and deals with issues of loss, grief and betrayal.

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This movie would hold special attraction to the young kids who loved Frozen I, which was released in 2013. It would also create a new fan following in the new younger kids. Overall, a must watch Disney movie for animated movie lovers and young kids.

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