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4 MMA Movies Every Fighting Fan Must Watch

Written by Pooja

Do you like to see people fight on screen? The powerful punches and drop kicks that’ll take the wind out of one’s lungs are somehow so engaging to watch. No wonder movies based on MMA or Mixed Martial Arts do so well. Here we discuss 4 best MMA movies you simply cannot miss if you like films that involve the protagonist beating the living daylights out of their opponents.

Fight Club

We are breaking the first rule here but whenever someone talks about great fighting movies, Fight Club is always at the top of the list. Based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk and directed by David Fincher, not only is Fight Club a great film, it is now a cult classic.


This 2001 MMA movie deals with two estranged brothers who have a strained relationship with their father who is a recovering alcoholic. Both the brothers are fighters and played by the talented Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy, while Nick Nolte plays the father.

Enter The Dragon

Almost everyone has heard of this  Bruce Lee cult classic MMA movie Enter The Dragon. This film has a heavy significance attached to it. This was Bruce Lee’s final completed full-length feature before he passed away in ‘73 at a rather young age of 32. Enter The Dragon is considered to be one of the best martial arts movie ever made.

The One

A multiverse agent goes rogue and starts killing off versions of himself. He gets more and more power with each kill. He has to win this race against time to be “the one”. The film stars Jet Li in the lead role.

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