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5 Alien Movies That Almost Had Us Believing In the Extra-Terrestrial

Best Alien Movies 2019
Written by Prajakta Nagore

Aliens have always been a subject of fascination in cinema. Whether they are portrayed as dangerous or friendly or simply misunderstood, there’s always been an intrigue with extra-terrestrial creatures. Some might fear the unknown, others are fascinated by it, and some might even have violent reactions towards it. But love them or hate them, believe in them or not, you simply cannot ignore these aliens. Movies have played a great role in generating people’s reactions towards these supernatural beings. Here are five of the best alien films over the years that have almost had us believing in the extra-terrestrial.

1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Released in 1982, this film was the first alien exposure for many individuals born in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Don’t blame us if we too wished for a friend from the beyond, who could make our cycles fly.

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2. Arrival

A recent extra-terrestrial film, this Denis Villeneuve sci-fi drama was highly surreal in its concept. It also made us think that if there indeed are aliens out there, do they have any special powers?

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3. Alien

This was one of the first films to put the fear of the unknown within us. The movie series are highly realistic and thrilling and even though we know they’re fiction, we can’t help but watch our backs.

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4. Predator

This sci-fi action horror introduced us to the larger-than-life extra-terrestrial being who had the power to destroy us all. Even though it’s just a film, many are convinced that an alien apocalypse is imminent.

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5. District 9

Based on found footage featuring news and video from surveillance cameras, this film enhanced the fear of aliens within many viewers. It also led to the creation of similar movies on social segregation.

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