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5 Movies With The Best Talking Animals

Written by Pooja

Movies with talking animals are one of the best inventions of the modern times. These movies have captured our imagination and projected it onto the big screen. With the evolution of cinema, movies with talking animals are not confined to the kiddies. Now, even adults can enjoy the mature but breezy story of the film as well as the subtext (remember Zootopia?). Here are five of our favorite talking animals who have brought us so much joy over the years.

Puss in Boots – The Shrek series, Puss in Boots

The cat with ace swordsmanship skills, courage, and eyes that will melt your heart, Puss in Boots appeared in Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek The Third (2007), Shrek Forever After (2010), and Puss in Boots (2011). The legendary character has been voiced by Antonio Banderas.

Mr. Fox – Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop-motion animated movie that released in 2009 and has been directed by Wes Anderson. Mr. Fox is confident, cheeky, and intelligent and has been voiced by George Clooney.

Baloo – The Jungle Book

Let’s not forget the good ol’ bear who taught us about the Bare Necessities of life. Baloo is not only protective towards Mowgli, he is also cheeky and playful. He can go from cute to ferocious and, let’s face it, has a good sense of humor.

Remy – Ratatouille

Ratatouille is easily one of the most loved animated films of all time. How we’ve loved Remy, the mouse chef and have shed a tear for him. Remy didn’t say much but always expressed himself and his passion for cooking, despite being a mouse, is inspiring.

Iago – Aladdin

Another iconic character from the world of Disney, Iago the parrot was entertaining to say the least. Iago was conniving and sarcastic and made for a great sidekick to Jafar. His ideas, curses and comically melodramatic anger were a few things we have loved about him.

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