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7 Best Comedy Movie Directors of All Time

Written by Pooja

Who doesn’t love a good comedy? Comedy movies have won many hearts and soothed many more over the years. Behind every comedy movie is the genius of a comedy movie director whose quirk and sense of humor shows through the screen. Comedies are silly, satirical, dark, situational etc but all are diifficult to master. Here are seven comedy movie directors from Hollywood who have created hilarious masterpieces.

Charlie Chaplin

The actor with legendary comic timing has also directed cult classics that are a benchmark, like The Tramp, The Kid, and The Great Dictator.

Harold Ramis

Director of the classic starring Bill Murray, Groundhog Day, Ramis is also known for his hit comedy movies like Analyze This and Year One.

Coen Brothers

The Coen brothers are known for their dark comedies that revolve around crimes many a times. They have a signature style and it shows in films like Burn After Reading, The Ladykillers, and A Serious Man.

Terry Jones

“It’s so silly. So, so silly!” The Monty Python films are tongue-in-cheek British humor with complementing visuals in films like And Now For Something Completely Different. The Monty Python comedies were a brainchild of Terry Jones.

Edgar Wright

Wright is the director of comedy films like Shaun Of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, which are parodies. These films have the highest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kevin Smith

Mumble script comedies are breezy and relatable. Kevin Smith’s genius Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno are cleverly written films that are situationally funny.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s films are visually captivating backed by great storytelling and strong scripts. Great examples of comedies well done are The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle Of Dogs, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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