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Aftermath trailer points to an Arnold we’ve seldom seen

Aftermath Movie movie releasing on April 2017
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name that is synonymous with action movies. And so we have come to expect him donning the cap of an action hero who refuses to lose sleep over petty warlords, terrorists or an AI hell-bent on destroying humanity.

But in recent years we have seen the star doing some different kinds of work than what he is used to. Some of these projects where we see a different kind of Arnold include Escape Plan, Maggie, and The Last Stand. These movies weren’t exactly what you’d call hits, but they had an Arnold we hadn’t seen before. His performance in Maggie can be called one of the most well-enacted ones in recent times.

The film was originally titled as 478, and directed by Elliott Lester, the movie will star Schwarzenegger as Roman. The plot of the movie will revolve around a man whose wife and child are killed in a plane crash which is caused by the negligence of an air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy).

The character McNairy is playing is left vilified by the public and due to this he has to move with his family into protective custody. On the other hand, Roman finds no comfort in the money that is being offered to him by the airline’s lawyers and wants nothing to do with it. What Schwarzenegger’s character is really looking for is an apology. Since he never gets an apology from the man responsible for the accident, he sets out on a vengeful journey to get one.

The drama/thriller is written by Javier Gullón of Enemy fame and is co-starring Maggie Grace, Martin Donovan, Kevin Zegers, and Glenn Morshower.

Are you excited for Aftermath? There is a lot of buzz around the movie, especially due to Arnold playing a character so different than what he is used to. Let’s hope that the latest movie that he is starring in won’t be met with the same fate.

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