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Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn Find Trouble in Ecuador in The New Movie Snatched

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Written by Poorva Tamhane
Snatched is an American action-comedy film directed by Jonathan Levine and written by Katie Dippold The film stars the popular comedian Amy Schumer and yesteryear’s actress Goldie Hawn playing a mother-daughter duo who get abducted while on a vacation in South America. The movie also stars actors Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, Tom Bateman, Randall Park, Ike Barinholtz, Christopher Meloni, Óscar Jaenada, Tom Choi and others.

In the comedic trailer we see Amy Schumer play a character called Emily Middleton who gets dumped by her boyfriend Michael (Randall Park) whose career is just beginning to take off as a rock star. She is left heartbroken along with non-refundable tickets to an exotic vacation that she had planned to go with her now ex-boyfriend Michael. She frantically tries to cancel her tickets and in a desperate attempt even contacts her so called ‘friends’, who refuse to come along with her. As a last resort she finally asks her mother (Goldie Hawn), to tag along for the trip to Ecuador as she is unable to return the tickets.

Emily and her cautious mother Linda embark on their vacation but all is not well as Emily’s pursuit of a man leads to her being kidnapped along with her mom. A crazed adventure in the jungles of Ecuador ensues during which the mother-daughter pair exchange clever repartee’s and eventually figure out a way to escape from the clutches of the kidnappers. It is thrilling to see Goldie Hawn back on the big screen after nearly a gap of nearly 15 years and it would be interesting to see if she can still act like before.

An interesting fact about the movie is that Amy Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele rewrote the script for Snatched. The original writer Katie Dippold said that the script had been inspired by her relationship with her mother. It would be interesting to see therefore how the movie pans out considering it’s connect to the realities of the cast’s lives. Snatched has been shot in Hawaii. The movie is set to release this December.

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