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Best Animated Movie Opening Ever: Incredibles 2 Takes Over the Box Office

Incredibles 2
Written by Rochell Pereira

The opening weekend of the much-awaited sequel Incredibles 2 was nothing less than incredible. With a record-breaking launch of $180 million, this superhero family earned its spot at the the best debut of all time for an animated film. It also pulled in an additional $51.5 million from international markets, bringing its total to $231.5 million all in just one weekend!

The best animated movie title was earlier held by another Pixar sequel Finding Dory in 2016 which earned a whopping $135 million. Incredibles 2 also surpassed the 2017 Beauty and the Beast ($174.6 million) as the best debut for a PG-rated film. It also scored the third spot for biggest openings of 2018. The No. 1 and No.2 spots went to Disney-Marvel films Avengers: Infinity War ($257.7 million) and Black Panther ($202 million).

Its predecessor, The Incredibles, opened in 2004 with $70.5 million, the second-largest opening at the time for an animated feature. It went on to win the Oscar for best animated film and earn $633 million worldwide. 14 years in the making, ever since the original film came out audiences have been eagerly anticipating the follow-up. And it seems to be living up to the expectations of audiences and critics alike.

Writer-director Brad Bird returned to work on Incredibles 2. The film picks up where the first film left off, with the Parr family attempting to balance a normal life with their extraordinary superpowers.

With a blockbuster beginning, this move is just getting started. If the Parr family’s powers continue to prove incredible, Incredibles might just join the $1 billion club before leaving theaters!

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