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The Best Cooking Movies of All Times.

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The sizzling of the tender meat being put on the pan, the high flames being tamed by the man adoring the white hat, final chocolate spread on the perfect mousse by the head chef, as the team cheers, and celebrates their dishes. Food is an irreplaceable aspect of our life, and sometimes when it mixes with the cinematic universe in the camera, a perfect binge-watching session ensures into a heart and stomach felt the world. Here are some movies teaching about food, love and life, which will ensure a chef’s kiss:

Ratatouille (2007)

A heartfelt animated comedy with a slice of life, Ratatouille tracks the journey of a gifted young rat, Remy, who aspires to become a top chef just like his mentor and befriends a garbage boy named Linguini from a small restaurant in Paris. The movie won the Academy Award for the Best Animated feature and will tug on your heartstrings, so it is a must watch during the weekends. Bon Appétit!

Julie and Julia (2009)

A comedy-drama, Julie and Julia stars Meryl Streep and Amy Adams; it focuses on the life of two different women, Julia, a chef in the early years of her career, and Julie, a struggling blogger, determined to make every dish from Julia Child’s cookbook. This movie contrasts the lives of two women in the same field, pursuing their interests while giving the audience a taste of the passion of cooking. Worth watching if you love cooking or just a plain food enthusiast!

Burnt (2015)

An American drama directed by John Wells and starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, it follows the story of a hot-tempered Michelin Star chef, Adam Jones who due to his nasty temperament and drug issues, ends up ruining his career and is sent to rehab. The movie tells about his recovery from his past self and creating his life on track once again, with romance on sidelines with his sous chef, Helena. An inspiring movie, with a lot of kitchen drama and Bradley Cooper’s charisma, makes it worthwhile to check it out.

Waitress (2007)

An American comedy-drama, starring Keri Russell, depicts the life of a woman from a dilapidated town, with an abusive husband, an unwanted pregnancy and a dead-end life. These odds make her seem to fall for a handsome stranger to her small town, and the story continues of her struggle with juggling all the difficulties, ending with her living a happy life after all the struggles. An amazing movie with a lot to offer for pie enthusiasts!

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