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Best Owen Wilson Movies of All Time.

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Be it classics, romantic comedies, dramas or children’s animation – Owen Wilson has done it all. One of the most versatile actors of his generation, Owen Wilson, has stood out in most of his movies, including those with smaller parts. For this actor with such a myriad and impressive filmography, it is a challenge to choose a few movies. But some movies are etched in the audiences’ memory forever. 

The following are the top 5 Owen Wilson movies chosen based commercial success, critical acclaim and nominations for prestigious awards.


Midnight in Paris

This romantic comedy directed by Woody Allen is set in Paris. Owen plays a screenwriter who visits the city with his fiancée played by Racheal Adams. The characters have unique experiences of travelling back in time each night. These experiences make them more philosophical. This movie had the best openings for Owen. IT also earned several Oscar nominations and won the Best Original Screenplay category. Owen won a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a comedy.


The Royal Tenenbaums

This comic caper co-written by Wilson himself tells the story of quirky siblings who have a chaotic life after being abandoned by their father. Wilson plays an eccentric friend of the family. The writing of this movie was much appreciated and earned good money in the box office.


Bottle Rocket

This comedy crime thriller directed by Wes Anderson talks about two Texas men who plan an armed robbery with their friend played by Robert Musgrave. This movie received positive critical reviews and was a turning point in Wilson’s career after which there was no looking back for him.


Shanghai Noon

Wilson teams up with the legendary Jackie Chan in this action comedy movie. The two men who are poles apart in personalities come together to fight against crime. Shanghai Noon was much appreciated by the audience and critics.


Wedding Crashers

This is probably one of Wilson’s most liked and most watched movies. This rom-com, directed by David Dobkin is a must watch. Wilson’s perfect chemistry with Vince Vaughn and the theme of crashing wedding parties to woo women were the USP’s of this movie. The movie turned out to be a high grosser at the box office.  



Many more successful Owen Wilson movies captivated audiences such as Marley and Me, Shanghai Nights, The Darjeeling Limited, Cars (Wilson’s voice for Lightning McQueen) and Meet the Parents.

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