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Boss Baby – One of the Most Promising Animated Movies of the Year

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Written by Mansi Gupta

Just like last year, this year is also high on animated movies from Hollywood. We have some three to four English animated movies coming our way in 2017 and the most promising one that caught our attention is director Tom McGrath’s, Boss Baby. This fun animated movie from DreamWorks production is all set to release in the theatres near you this weekend. Before this adorable boss baby spreads his charm on you this weekend, here’s all you need to know about this Hollywood movie.

1. DreamWorks Animation and the director of Madagascar, Tom McGrath’s Boss Baby is the story of a most unusual baby, who is a born leader. This baby wears a suit and bosses around not just other babies but his elder brother as well. The older brother and the boss baby must unite together to win back the sole affection of their parents and get the love back from puppies, who threaten to destroy the balance of love in the world. The Boss Baby movie delivers clear messages for children about the value of teamwork and the fact that there is enough love for everyone in a family. The movie also addresses the issues related to sibling rivalry.

2. Boss Baby is very loosely based on by Marla Frazee’s popular children’s picture book of the same name. It is a wildly funny book about a new baby ruling the house. The book has some really funny and cute illustrations by Marla, featuring a brash baby, carrying a briefcase and acting like a company executive who rules with an iron fist and keeps his parents hopping. The baby bosses around everybody in the house.

3. The Boss Baby is voiced by Alec Baldwin and the voice of his seven-year-old elder brother is Tim Templeton, who is also the narrator of the story is given by Tobey Maguire. Their parent’s voices are given by Jimmy Kimmeland Lisa Kudrow.

4. The movie is produced by Ramsey Naito and Denise Cascino and scripted by Michael McCullers. It was supposed to release in January 2015 but was pushed to January 2017, which was again further pushed to March 2017. Now the movie is finally ready to release on 31st March, which is this weekend.

Catch this brash yet funny boss baby movie in the theatre near you this weekend!

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