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Deadpool 2’s X-Force is Complete With IT’s Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård
Written by Chavi Pande

With only a few weeks left to go for Deadpool 2, the hype for the superhero film is bigger than ever. Deadpool 2 is sticking to its unique marketing appeal, with each trailer keeping the meta-humor.

Deadpool 2 will have a new team of superheroes – the X Force (not to be confused with X-Men). Apart from Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus who we’ve seen in the first film, X-Force has some new members played by a great cast that we are looking forward to seeing in action. This includes Zazie Beetz who plays the lucky Domino, Lewis Tan who will play Shatterstar, Terry Crews who will play Bedlam, and Rob Delaney who plays Peter – a man with no superpowers.

The latest actor to join X-Force is Bill Skarsgård. Bill became famous from his portrayal of the horrifying clown, Pennywise, in the record-breaking horror film, IT, had been cast for Deadpool 2 but it was not confirmed which character he will be playing until now. Rob Delaney confirmed on Twitter that Bill Skarsgård would be playing Zeitgeist aka Axel Cluney. From the comics, we know that Axel is a mutant whose superpower is acid vomit that can burn through 10 cms of steel in less than 30 seconds. Bill hasn’t been prominently featured in any of the trailers so it is being speculated that his role in Deadpool 2 could be a secret.

With this new addition to the cast, Deadpool 2 looks to be the next best ensemble superhero cast after Avengers: Infinity War, and we hope to see it become a record-breaking success too.

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