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Despicable Me 3 Movie: Time To Go All Bananas In This New Minion Movie

Despicable Me 3 movie information
Written by Archit Chawla

It’s been over 7 years since one of the world’s best villains, Gru, arrived and took us by surprise. The third film in the franchise is here again with Gru, his three darling daughters, Lucy, and the gorgeous little devils – Minions. The trailer shows Gru being unemployed and his little daughter selling off her toys and getting some money out of them. With Gru’s brother Dru joining the fun, the entertainment has just got bigger and the squeeze for more juicy comical acts has got bigger. We all know Batman has the Batmobile. The Ghostbusters have the Ectomobile. And naturally, Gru and Dru have the Despicable in this minion universe, which also seems as the highlight of the movie.

Despicable Me 3 has worked big time for its entertainment factor, especially when the makers know if a franchise gets old by 2 or more movies the characters sink into the audience so much that one small mistake and it gets rather too personal. How the story evolves and characters grow also becomes a challenge, and the best example of the things going haywire was the last part of Ice Age. However, in this upcoming English movie, the makers have regrouped by introducing Dru, a twin brother who looks to join hands with Gru and keep the family heist tradition going on even though Gru is a changed man.

Joining Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig in Despicable Me 3 is Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award winner Trey Parker, co-creator of Comedy Central’s global phenomenon South Park and the Broadway smash, The Book of Mormon. Parker voices the role of villain Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who’s grown up to become obsessed with the character he played in the ’80s and proves to be Gru’s most formidable nemesis to date.

The concept of meeting a long-lost brother after ages is an old plot, yet it has been dealt with clean quirkiness as far as it looks. It looks full on entertaining with a pinch of emotional content to sum it up with Gru and Dru joining hands, or rather fighting out each other with words, and saving each other’s life. It is to see now how the producers will keep the franchise going and would be the biggest guess in this highly anticipated animated movie. Maybe by introducing new characters like the twin brother or even more.

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