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Disney Acquired Fox And The Results Could Be Huge

Disney Fox- Bookmyshow News
Written by Archit Chawla

After years of speculations and talks, Disney who currently owns Marvel Studios has acquired a majority of 21st Century Fox Assets for a whooping $52 billion. These include film properties and some of its television businesses, in a deal never seen before. The acquisition has resulted in this huge shift in the entertainment industry where Disney’s deal with Fox will apparently bring the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, their respective villains, and several other characters back under one roof of Disney’s Marvel Studios. It will be the first time in history that Marvel’s most popular superheroes and super villains will share the same cinematic universe and create a huge way for major crossovers.

Marvel editors Jordan White and Heather Antos have also shared their views and expert take on this big acquisition and have said- “As a big fan of the Marvel movies, I think Marvel Studios knows the characters so well and does a great job with them,” White said. “As much as I’ve enjoyed some of the Fox films, I think Marvel will do an even better job. I’m very excited to get presumably a new take on the Fantastic Four, even a new take on the X-Men.”

Disney Fox Merger

With this big announcement the fans all over the world have gone insane and are pondering over a lot of things for that matter. Will we ever see Hulk and The Thing from Fantastic Four sharing the screen? Will we finally see Deadpool fanboying for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Will X-Men and Avengers fight against the common threats? Only time will tell what those stories will be, but one thing we know for sure it will be out of the world exciting!

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