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Geostorm, a Larger Than Life Doomsday Movie From the Director of Godzilla!

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Written by Poorva Tamhane

The upcoming environmental disaster sci-fi film, Geostorm, looks exciting and magnanimous to say the least. The movie stars actors Gerald Butler, Jim Sturgess, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Abbie Cornish and others. The film shows Gerald Butler’s character, Jacob Lawson, trying to prevent climate controlling satellites from unleashing a storm of epic proportions which Jim Sturgess’s character Max Lawson, exclaims as being the phenomenon called Geostorm. The movie is directed by Independence Day and Godzilla director Dean Devlin and is produced by Skydance Pictures. By the looks the trailer, Geostorm, appears to be much more than your typical action movie. It ventures into the doomsday-approaching concept quite like the movie Independence Day. The trailer also showcases a budding romance in the movie between Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) and Agent Sarah Wilson (Abbie Cornish).

Geostorm Movie

Geostorm, appears to bank on the fact that previous end-of-the-world Hollywood movies have often done well in the box office. One is also reminded of the movie, The Day After Tomorrow after looking at the trailer. The film focuses on climate controlling monstrosities in space which are nothing but giant satellites and when they start to malfunction because of a hack, everything goes wrong. The situation leads Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) on a quest to abduct the President of the United States played by Andy Garcia, who alone has the kill codes.

Geostorm Trailer

The movie has a lot of CGI as there are many shots of flooding of various coasts due to massive tsunamis, buildings falling like dominoes, giant hail stones destroying buses, an airplane freezing in midair and crashing into buildings and also massive flash tornadoes among other things that are visually horrifying but exciting entertainment wise.

The film was originally set to release on March 25, 2016 and later pushed to January 2017 but Warner Bros. has announced the release to be in October. The buzz is that the studio is looking to cash in on this larger than life looking movie that has had audiences excited since a while now.

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