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Henry Cavill Reveals a Little About Superman in Upcoming Justice League

Henry Cavill Superman
Written by Ankkit Siingh

In so many ways the DC Extended Universe was kick-started by the Man of Steel in 2013. Since then the reception for the character has been a mixed bag. Many fans complained of this Superman lacking the essential hallmark of the comic book Superman, which is hope. In a few days we will be seeing Henry Cavill Returning to the big screen as Superman and if his word is to be taken we are in for a Superman that is true to his origins.

The Justice League

Cavill claimed that he along with Geoff Johns have been going through the comic book materials to deliver a cinematic version that is more in line with what we have come to expect from the Man of Steel.

This shouldn’t be taken as an assumption that Kal-El won’t have his dark moments. The comic book Superman does have his dark moments but the overall arch of the character is that of a largely optimistic hero who is filled with hope. That’s what separates Superman from many of his counterparts. And, if the upcoming Justice League manages to nail that then there is no doubt left that it will become the movie that DC has been hoping for.

At the same time there have been rumours of the character donning a black suit in Justice League and it will have him becoming a force for evil. If that’s true then Henry Cavil’s statement seems to be hinting that Superman will return to his good roots and will conquer the fans’ hearts all over again. To find out what’s really happening we will have to wait till Friday and figure out for ourselves. By the way, the early review by some reviewers seems to indicate that Justice League delivers on its promise of a film that rivals it competitors recent outings.

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