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After A Hiatus Of 30 Years, It’s Time For Ghostbusters 2.0

Ghostbusters 2.0 movie review
Written by Nikita Mehta

Yes, you heard that right! The new Ghostbusters are an all-woman gang. Thirty years after the original film enthralled the world with its charm, Ghostbusters is back and this time, it is fully rebooted. In the version 2.0, you can expect the original franchise of the movie to be recreated with all the otherworldly elements intact. When this female-led reboot was announced roughly about two years ago, the news was met with a bawling wave of resentment online. The trailer of the new Ghostbusters alone has managed to turn those frowns upside down. Imagine what an entire movie will do!

According to the grapevine, the fans of Ghostbusters are going to love the way the new movie echoes off its predecessor. The new one might not be a radical reinvention but is not a simple remake either. If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll realize that the new Ghostbusters is a different riff on the same idea with a solid dose of fan service thrown in. Well, no harm right? As long as the transition from the old to new is done artistically, it’s going to be worth a watch.

Ghostbusters has proudly marketed itself as a big fat slice of dippy entertainment, confident and sometimes quite beautiful. Having embraced the technical side of things in a way he has never done before, this film is touted to be one of the biggest that Paul Feig has made so far as a filmmaker.

Keeping up with the tradition of Ghostbusters, Feig says that the version 2.0 is more into behavioral comedy and most of the jokes in there are contextual. Only once that you have bought into the characters and the relationships in the movie, is when the funny lines start sounding funny and the witty ones start sounding witty. Again a clever idea to market the film. Nonetheless, point taken!

Armed with a talented battalion of women as its core cast, Ghostbusters definitely has a very promising standing in the list of upcoming Hollywood movies. Whether the talented women are the focus of the scene or lurking at the edge of the frame, they are the ones who effortlessly steal the show. The trailer evidently shows how lovely the photography is too. With so many pluses already, it will be difficult to focus on the minuses even when the film releases.

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