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The Secret Life of Pets movie review
Written by Nikita Mehta

Living as a human in New York City has been depicted innumerable times on the silver screen. From Will Smith’s pursuit of happiness to Michael Douglas’ hustle on Wall Street, the world’s seemingly greatest city has been home for iconic motion pictures. However, if you have ever let your imagination run wild and wondered what it is like to be a pet animal in the city of dreams, your wait to find an answer has been worthwhile.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is here to quench your curiosity. This monsoon, follow the adventures of two pet dogs, Max and Duke, as they take on New York City to find their way back to their human, Katie. If you think that you have had enough of talking animals and great adventures this season after Finding Dory, think again. Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, the brains behind global blockbusters like Despicable Me, have collaborated once again for ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. Still not convinced? No problem, we have more to reveal. Legendary stars like Steve Coogan, Louis C.k, Eric Stonestreet and Kevin Hart have lent their voices to translate the thoughts of these animated animals with very real emotions.

You don’t need to have a pet to treat yourself to this movie. We are so busy standing on our own two feet that we often fail to understand what life is like on four paws. Max was Katie’s only pet and was pampered by her undivided attention until Duke enters through Katie’s apartment door. Like any other person, Max harbors feelings of jealousy towards the new entrant that he views as a threat. He wishes to creatively plot his way into becoming the only man in Katie’s life once again. However, a street fight between the two leads to them being lost in the city. So, join them in their absorbing journey as they parade the streets of New York, fighting against all odds to find their way back to their perfect life. Will they turn on each other and separate? Will they stick together and resolve their differences? Will things ever go back the way they used to be?

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