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These Horror Movies Prove That Smart Can Be Scary Too!

Written by Rochell Pereira

For decades now, the horror movie genre has been riddled with cliches and overdone tropes that are, more often than not, ridiculous versions of the super successful horror films that preceded them. However, amongst all that hand-me-down horror, we’ve also been treated to some truly original and thrilling stories that use the same amount of smarts as it does with the spooks. So let’s take a look at the most intelligent horror movies that surprised us with a clever premise that made us think –

The Blair Witch Project

This super low budget film was unlike anything horror fans had ever seen before. People flocked to cinemas to see, what they then thought was real found-footage of a witch haunting teens in the woods thanks to the film’s excellent marketing. The fictional found-footage thriller successfully terrified everyone, becoming the fifth highest-earning film ever made.

Get Out

Comedian Jordan Peele hit it out of the park with his first horror directorial. The film didn’t just successfully spook the hell out out of us and take home a bunch of awards, but it also presented a convincing interpretation of modern American racism.

A Quiet Place

This John Krasinski directorial takes monster horror to a whole new level. Starring Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt in the lead roles, the film followed a family stuck in a world riddled with lethal monsters that hunt by sound. Forced to avoid making any kind of sound, the family finds themselves trying to survive with silence.

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