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Interesting Facts You Should Know Before You Watch Annabelle Comes Home

Written by Prajakta Nagore

Based on real-life characters and events, The Conjuring series is quite notably the most popular horror franchises in Hollywood at the moment. The latest installment Annabelle Comes Home is all set to release this week, also marking the first appearance of the Warrens paranormal investigating duo in the Annabelle series. So, before you check it out, take a look at these interesting facts.

#1 The real set of the film has secret rooms and doorways that haven’t been used.

Most of Annabelle Comes Home takes place on the film’s main set which is Warren’s archive room where all the objects from different cases now live. Production Designer Jennifer Pence said, “When designing, I thought it was a better idea to include some things that maybe aren’t in the script in order to open up some other avenues for future directors and future ideas.” She went to describe that the set featured trap doors and a hidden staircase that aren’t used in this film.

#2 This kind of sequel in a series is a rare occurrence in Hollywood.

Annabelle Comes Home is the third film from the Annabelle series and the seventh installment in the Conjuring universe. Set in the time period between the opening and the rest of the first Conjuring film, it is both a sequel and prequel. 

#3 The real Annabelle doll is still haunted and can be seen in a museum.

Unlike the doll in the film, the real Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll from the early 1900’s. She is currently locked up at the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut where she is kept in a glass case with warning signs that it must not be touched.

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