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Jake Gyllenhaal Is The New Batman, Mostly!

Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman
Written by Ankkit Siingh

The rumours were always there but never was a contender in place. But now the rumours seem to be taking a twist with news flowing in that Jake Gyllenhaal is being considered for the role.

With Ben Affleck hinting he’s not too excited about being Batman for long and the sour reviews coming in for Justice League, it is not really surprising that the rumour seems to be gaining momentum of late.

At first, Affleck was all set to direct the Batman solo, but then Mark Reeves was brought in. Things took a turn when Affleck’s script for the movie was also discarded in favour of one by Reeves. But now there’s more and it seems more likely that we might be saying goodbye to #BatAffleck.

Batman Justice League
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According to sources, Gyllenhaal has already met with Mark Reeves, who is slated to direct the standalone Batman flick. At this juncture, it cannot be said with an absolute certainty that Gyllenhaal’s involvement in the project is confirmed.

Ben Affleck as Batman surely has had a rough run and he himself is battling problems on a very personal front. On the other hand, Gyllenhaal auditioned for Batman Begins but ultimately lost the role to Christian Bale. But if all goes well, then Gyllenhaal might get to play the caped crusader.

If Jake Gyllenhaal does end up being the new Batman then the next big question would be, how’d DC go about it? If we were to guess, then the solo Flash movie based on the Flashpoint comics would be the perfect place to push the reset button and bring in the new Batman.

Flashpoint Batman Comics
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It is yet to be seen how fans will react to a new Batman in the DCEU. There is a silver lining in all of this after all, as we may be getting a kickass Batman movie soon. Mark Reeves is no slouch, with movies like Planet of the Apes and Let Me In under his belt. Also, Reeves made some revelations stating that the Batman solo wouldn’t be a reboot nor a prequel. It would be set after the events of the Justice League.

Now, all that remains to be confirmed is an official statement cementing the news that Jake Gyllenhaal is the new Batman, which also might be happening very soon.

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