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Kong: Skull Island Movie Review- Intense and Humongous

Kong The Skull Island effects
Written by Prajakta Nagore

Monster movies are an indulgence that most of us like, well maybe all of us. And, for those of us who couldn’t get enough of this indulgence, rejoice! The new King Kong movie will be out anytime now! The movie is called Kong: Skull Island, officially. And what you find in the trailer is nothing less than awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping. All you have to do is just look, and it’s real. The all so humongous Kong is even bigger.

Smashing through the trees and throwing away planes like they were mere toys, this Kong means business. Moving into the trailer, the first thing that you notice is Samuel L. Jackson leading an expedition into an island, and it’s one hell of a terrifying jungle. Everything that you find in the jungle is huge, and that might come across as an understatement if you have seen the trailer. One of the feelings that the trailer conveys very strongly is that it seems like an origin movie. The action seems limited to Skull Island, and this itself seems quite different than what Peter Jackson did in his own King Kong film.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer for the upcoming monster wonder is infused with a sense terror and awesomeness.

If the trailers are really conveying what the film is about, then this movie is for sure going to be a monster island fiesta. Kong: Skull Island is trying the Marvel formula and well, nobody’s complaining. The movie is based on the same universe in which Godzilla took place.

If there is one thing that is absolutely clear, from the size and scope that is the trailer, it’s the fact that we are in for a CGI fiesta. If the scale and the breadth of the recent Godzilla are anything to go by, then this Kong seems all the more destructive and angry. If the trailer was to be summed up in a few lines, then it would be about a man encountering mysterious beasts and soon the realization dawns on him that he’s not alone. The movie makes it very clear that this particular movie universe is filled with monsters and battle will ensue. Be it between man and the monster, or the monster fighting it out with other monsters, either way, the audiences will be more than happy to witness the gladiators battle it out.

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