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The Legend Of Tarzan: What We Know So Far

The Legend Of Tarzan upcoming mpovie
Written by Nikita Mehta

A confusion is eating his mind from the inside. The world that he grew up in and the world he is living in right now are at loggerheads with each other. He needs to save the former from the latter. John Clayton III has been living the life of a civilized man for quite some time now. With his beloved wife Jane by his side and a bunch of adorable cherubs, John is settled in Victorian London. His life is as happy as it could be; but he still years for the jungle- the jungle where he grew up, the jungle which was once his home, the jungle where he was popularly known as Tarzan.

As if the universe head his thoughts out aloud, John has been invited back to the Jungle. Unaware of the fact that he is a pawn in a deadly convergence of greed and revenge, for John Clayton it’s an offer his heart can’t seem to refuse. With all the makings of a summer blockbuster, the trailer seems to have caught the fancy of the audiences across the world. Having been embroiled in a production controversy during the film’s making, the first look at the footage makes it look as if the hard work and the anxiety was worth it all along. With all of the vine swinging, gorilla fighting, machine gun toting activity within the two and a half minute of the trailer, it’s definitely safe to say that David Yates ‘ Tarzan won’t be seeing the lights of your drawing room anytime soon.

As per popular discussions, the most remarkable decision that the makers of The Tarzan have taken is to not base the film on any of the novels. The focus rather is on the infant boy who was raised in the jungle, who went on to live as a common man and has now returned back to fall into a trap he knows nothing of. In short, the focus of the story is on Tarzan just the way we know him, just the way we connect to him.

Being the only major action-adventure release for the first weekend in July, the filmmakers have definitely managed to make a movie that a large audience will be able to see without too much trouble. Yes, it is touted to be intense but then again, it would not really be a Tarzan movie unless we see our muscle-bound hero amongst the green and gorilla’s right?

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